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Start Special Antennas Wire Antennas Cage Antennas CA Series

Cage Antennas CA Series


Transmit / Receive Cage Antennas 5 kW

Weatherproof and Robust Design


Cage antennas for shortwave communication are the ideal solution if the application is limited by a given space situation or certain requirements to be realized.
They provide high
bandwidth with high efficiency.

Cage antennas are manufactured individually according to the corresponding requirements.

The cage antennas are manufactured of high quality, using rust resistant materials (1.4401) and fitted with our special strain insulators GT300.


CA 1 Series (one point suspension)


CA 2 Series (two point suspension)


Suspension Details


The power acceptance is 5 kW, depending on minimum operating frequency and length of the antenna.


For l1 < 15 m the antenna has three cage bridges.

For l1 > 15 m and < 30 m the antenna has five cage bridges.

Lead l2 can be connected to any cage bridge.


The maximum length l1 is approx. 30m.

The maximum length l2 is approx. 40m.


It is recommended to use cage antennas from the CA 2 series (two-point suspension) for installations on ships.

The above shown versions are our standard designs.
Please contact us for designs that shall meet specific requirements.


For optimal matching of the antenna to the transmitter antenna matching units of our AAPG series are provided.

Data given without tolerance are typical values.
Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice, errors excepted.
Product specification 03-03-02,
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