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Start Special Antennas Wire Antennas Wire Antenna WAL 42/12

Wire Antenna WAL 42/12


Transmit / Receive L - Antenna 5 kW

Customer Specific Production

Weatherproof and Robust Design


This L wire antenna has the advantage of easy matching to the operating frequency. It provides efficient transmit and receive characteristics.

The antenna is manufactured of high quality, rust resistant materials (1.4401) and fitted with special strain insulators. For installation on ships it can be fitted with shock absorber springs.


L Wire Antenna WAT 42/12


The power acceptance is 5 kW, depending on minimum operating frequency and length of the antenna.


Length l1 = 42 m
The maximum length l1 is approx. 80m.

Length l2 = 12 m
The maximum length l2 is approx. 40m.


For optimal matching of the antenna to the transmitter an antenna tuning unit (ATU) or antenna matching unit (AMU) can be provided.


All wire antennas are manufactured according to customer needs.

Please contact us for details.

Data given without tolerance are typical values.
Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice, errors excepted.
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