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Spare Parts for ASM Series


Applicable for ASM 24/24/4/A

Audio Switch Matrix ASM


Type Designation
Part Number
Mainboard MB ASM
00-50-10-10-80 NSN 5998-12-397-5013
Switch Board SB 8/8 00-50-10-20-80 NSN 5998-12-397-5015
Terminal Board TB A 00-50-10-30-80 NSN 5998-12-397-5016
Control Unit CU F 00-50-10-40-80 NSN 5998-12-397-5017
Keypad Board KB F

NSN 5998-12-397-5019

for use with ASM 2nd generation:

Display Unit DU F 00-50-10-60-00 NSN 5998-12-397-5012
Power Supply PS C 00-08-74-73-00 NSN 6130-12-397-5377

Spare part list are subject to change without prior notice, errors excepted.


Note concerning Keypad Board KB for ASM Series

The Keypad Board KB F (00-28-056-57-80) is for use with the ASM series in regular production.

The Keypad Board KB B (00-50-10-50-80) was used with the first ASM generation (00-50-01-00-00).
The Keypad board KB B (00-50-10-50-80) is obsolete and it is not possible to manufacture.
The Keypad Board KB C (00-28-05-36-80) is the replacement for the Keypad Board KB B (00-50-10-50-80).

Further spare parts are available on request.


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