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Start Antenna Distributors ADS Series Antenna Distributor ADS 4/2/GA (20 MHz - 3600 MHz)

Antenna Distributor ADS 4/2/GA (20 MHz - 3600 MHz)

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Antenna Distributor ADS 4/2/GA (20 MHz - 3600 MHz)
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Antenna Distribution System ADS 4/2/GA

2 Antenna Inputs to 4 Receiver Outputs

20 MHz - 3600 MHz



The Antenna Distribution System ADS is a very flexible antenna distribution solution for wide frequency range communication applications.


ADS 4/2/GA

The ADS 4/2/GA is furnished into a single 19-inch 2 HU slide-in unit providing the non-blocking distribution of 2 antenna inputs to 4 receiver outputs. It covers the frequencys range

- 20 MHz - 3600 MHz @ 2 inputs.

There are no restrictions concerning the assignment of antennas to receivers. All receivers can also be assigned to one antenna without any reduction of power.

The antenna distribution system is controlled and monitored in local operation from the front panel and in remote operation through a LAN interface.

An integrated control unit monitors the distributor system. Failure of a subunit can also be signalized by an acoustic signal. The antenna/receiver configuration is stored so that after a mains failure or after switching off the system the previous switching conditions are automatically restored.

To meet future application needs the ADS system concept provides upgrade features to different number of inputs and/or frequency ranges or receiver outputs for the user convenience.



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